Beautiful Sakura spots around Tokyo

Japan has many beautiful cherry blossom spots. Today I introduce sakura spots around Tokyo.

Sakura spots around Tokyo
  1. Komatsugawa-sembonzakura
  2. Shinkawa-sembonzakura
  3. Kawazu Sakura Festival

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1 Komatsugawa-sembonzakura

Komatsugawa-sembonzakura may be a not so famous cherry blossom spot in Tokyo. This spot is in Tokyo, but it takes 20~30mins by train from the center of Tokyo (eg. Tokyo Station or Shinjuku Station) and it is of course near but a bit far. That place is located not in a popular tourist area. I think it’s a little known but a good sakura spot.

sakura in japan, edogawaku

I felt a lot of cherry blossoms were very beautiful when I visited there for the first time. Approximately 1000 cherry trees are planted in the levee of Arakawa for about 2 kilometers north and south. “Senbonzakura” means a thousand cherry blossom trees. The levee has a barbecue place, which is very popular in the cherry blossom season. We can not make a reservation easily.

Edogawa-Ku began tree planting in 1991 in the land which was developed by the Arakawa Super Embankment Development Project. The Komatsugawasenbonzakura completed in 2003, 1000 trees were planted.

【location】1 – 3 chome Komatsugawa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
【access】By train
5 minutes on foot from Toei Shinjuku line Higashioshima
By bus
From JR Sobu line Hirai station
a minute walk from Toei bus bound for Kasai station
[平23] “Komatsugawa 3-chome” bus stop
【website】Edogawa City Official Website

2 Shinkawa-sembonzakura

Shinkawa-sembonzakura also may be a not so famous cherry blossom spot in Tokyo. It takes 20~30mins by train from the center of Tokyo. The scenery of the river and cherry blossoms is stunning.

sakura in japan, edogawaku

Shinkawa was made and used as a waterway that carries various goods in the Edo period. Today, the ship’s service has ceased, the Tokyo metropolitan government maintained the revetment from 1994 to 2007, then Edogawa-Ku planted cherry trees on the boardwalk on both sides of Shinkawa, completed in 2014. In the spring, 718 cherry blossoms amuse the people going through the promenade.

sakura in japan, edogawaku
【location】7-chome Funabori 9-19, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
【access】By train
16 minutes on foot from Toei Shinjuku line Funabori station by bus from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Kasai Station
3 minutes on foot from Toei bus bound for Kinshicho Station [錦25] “Funaborinanachome” bus stop
【website】Edogawa City Official Website

3 Kawazu Sakura Festival

Kawazuzakura is a kind of cherry blossoms, and it blooms the fastest in Honshu in February. Kawazuzakura spread from Kawazu machi, Izu peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture to the whole country. It has beautiful large pink petals, and you can enjoy it for a long period of about one month from February to March.

kawazu-sakura, a kind of Japanese cherry blossom

Kawazuzakura is the feature of early spring in the Izu area. The Kawazu Sakura Festival is held in Kawazu-machi at the best time to see every year. It takes 2 hours and a half by limited express from Tokyo, or 2 hours and 10 mins when using Shinkansen. Many people travel there and enjoy viewing cherry blossoms in the early spring season. It is still cold in February and March. You should wear warm clothes.

kawazu sakura and viewing people
【location】 Kawazu-machi, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture
【access】Izukyuko Line Kawazu Station
2 hours and a half from Tokyo Station by limited express
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