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What is “kuki(空気)” in Japan?

Hello. Today, I talk about “kuki(空気, kûki) ” in Japan. “Kuki” means “air” originally. It also means”situation” or “atmosphere” in some cases. Japanese people “kuki wo yomu(空気を読む)” every day. This means “people read between...

Christmas tree of origami

Try to make Christmas Origami

Why do not you decorate with origami at Christmas? Do you know origami? Origami is a traditional Japanese activity that creates works of animals and plants by folding paper. Especially crane is famous. Recently...

typical summer of countryside in Japan from photoAC

Summer vacation in Japan

Hello! I have been busy recently, so I don’t have enough time to write this blog (^_^;). Today’s the last day of August, and September begins from tomorrow…wow! I want to take a summer...