Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto – Hot spicy ramen in Tokyo

Last week I went to Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto(蒙古タンメン中本) for the first time in a while. That’s a famous chain restaurant for hot spicy ramen. I think it is one of the best ramen restaurants in Tokyo.

What is Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto like?

Mouko Tanmen is the miso and garlic favor noodle with vegetables, meats, and Mabo tofu. Very hot, spicy, and delicious!! Many people eat ramen while sweating. This ramen has an addictive taste and sometimes I feel I want to go to this restaurant.

Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto

This is “Mouko Tanmen”(¥800, spicy level5). It is the most popular ramen. This red Mabo tofu is very spicy!

There are also other menus. A part of the menus is below.
Miso Tanmen(not so spicy ramen, ¥780, spicy level3) ⇒ If you are not good at the spicy taste, I recommend this menu to you.

Hokkyoku Ramen (too spicy ramen, ¥830, spicy level 9) ⇒ I still never have eaten this ramen. It would very spicy…the color of the soup itself is red pepper’s bright red…

Nakamoto has more than 20 chain restaurants around Tokyo (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Shinagawa, and so on.) If you visit Tokyo, please try to eat it once!  (But be careful not to get your upset stomach. (^^;))

Mouko Tanmen cup noodles

Also, you can eat Mouko Tanmen cup noodles! They are sold in Seven-Eleven ( convenience chain stores) for about 200yen.

Mouko Tanmen cup noodle

↑cheese taste & normal taste

I sometimes buy Mouko Tanmen cup noodles. Because I can not go much to Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto shop, I stock up them on my home. When I feel stress, I feel l want to eat spicy foods. At such time, I sometimes eat the Mouko Tanmen cup noodle which is stocked at home. It is spicy in the same way as the shops !!

I like Mouko Tanmen. (*^^*) If you don’t have time to go to Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto in Japan, I recommend this cup noodle.


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