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an uniqlo shop in Japan

My best-buy items at UNIQLO

Do you know “UNIQLO”? UNIQLO is a world-class fast-fashion brand from Japan. The price is reasonable and many people buy and wear UNIQLO products in Japan. Today I introduce my best-buy items at UNIQLO....

This is a ticket vending machine at a station in Tokyo.

Japanese prepaid IC card

Today I want to talk about Japanese prepaid IC cards to people planning to travel to Japan. If you plan to travel all over Japan, I think you had better buy “Japan Rail Pass“. You...

docomo sharing bike in Tokyo

Tokyo Bicycle sharing

Hello! Today I will introduce “Tokyo Bicycle sharing” that I sometimes use. Recently bicycle sharing has been spread in the big cities in North America, Europe, and Asia. This system is convenient when you...

mercari , Japanese flea market app

mercari; the Japanese flea market app

Hello! Today I talk about the Japanese flea market app, “mercari“. What is mercari? “Mercari ” is the most popular flea market app in Japan. The service started in 2013. Now, this app is...

Japanese inatant coffee

Unique coffee culture in Japan

Hello! Japanese people love coffee! We have unique coffee cultures such as canned coffee or iced coffee. Having many coffee chain shops is also one of the Japanese coffee cultures. Today I will talk...