Japanese Daily Life - Part 2

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Seichi junrei for anime geeks

Do you like Japanese anime? In Japan, recently “Anime tourism” becomes popular. Many Anime fans visit spots where animes are set.Some fans call this seichi- junrei (聖地巡礼). The real locations really make anime geeks...

Hakone_Japan_image from Pakutaso

Let’s visit Hakone

Do you know Hakone? Hakone is a very popular tourist spot and a spa town. That is located in Kanagawa Prefecture. As it takes only 1.5~2 hours by train to Hakone from Tokyo, Hakone...

kawazu-sakura, a kind of Japanese cherry blossom

Beautiful Sakura spots around Tokyo

Japan has many beautiful cherry blossom spots. Today I introduce sakura spots around Tokyo. 1 Komatsugawa-sembonzakura Komatsugawa-sembonzakura may be a not so famous cherry blossom spot in Tokyo. This spot is in Tokyo, but...