Review of Tokyo Disney Land Hotel

Tokyo Disney Resort celebrated its 37th anniversary on April 15, 2020.

Due to the COVID-19, Tokyo Disney Resort is now closed.  With hoping the spread of coronavirus infections will settle down and the Tokyo Disney Resort will reopen,  I’d like to summarize today about the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel where I stayed two years ago during the Christmas season.

What is Tokyo Disney Land Hotel?

Tokyo Disney Resort has four directly managed hotels, of which the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is located directly in front of Tokyo Disneyland. A luxurious Victorian building with having many Disney motifs create a fantasy world view.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

It is very difficult to make a reservation because of its popularity. I stayed on a Friday in December. I managed to make a reservation from the official website half a year ago!

Hotel guests benefits

Tokyo Disney resort hotel guests have several benefits. On this day, first of all, I used the “baggage delivery service” at the “Tokyo Disney Resort Welcome Center” next to Maihama Station to have large baggage delivered to the hotel. Hotel guests will also get a ticket for the Disney Resort Line! In addition, there are a service called “pre-check-in” that allows you to check-in at the hotel in advance, and a service that allows you to enter the Disney resorts 15 minutes before “Happy 15 entries”.

After enjoying Disneyland and buying souvenirs early, I headed to the Tokyo Disneyland hotel to check-in at around 4 pm. It is a strategy to put my luggage, take a break, and go to see the parade at night again! This is also possible because it is the hotel directly connected to Tokyo Disneyland. If you are tired, you can take a rest immediately.

Hotel interior

When you enter the hotel, you will first find a large lobby space. It has an open ceiling for the second and third floors, the ceiling is high, and the chandelier is wonderful.

lobby of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

There is a fountain in the center of the lobby. It has a classic feel. There are many decorations with Disney character motifs. Immediately after entering the hotel, you can see a stained glass of Alice in Wonderland. The Christmas decorations were also wonderful.

The fountain in the lobby of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
The picture in the entrance of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

After checking in, I headed to my room. There was one card key for each person. The card key and the card key case had, of course, the original design. The guest’s name is written on the card. You can take it home after your stay.

a card key of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The Elevator wallpaper and its doors also have a pretty design. I think it’s irresistible for fans that each character, such as Mickey and Donald, teaches the numbers of the floor every time the elevator stops on each floor. (in Japanese.)

Disney decorations in the room

This is a Deluxe room.  It’s wide!  It had a classic and fantasy atmosphere.  There are also many fine Disney motif decorations.

The room of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The frame design with a rounded bed is cute.  In the middle of the frame is the Disneyland symbol, Cinderella Castle.  The pictures of Mickey and Minnie are displayed in the center.

Bedroom of of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The familiar Mickey mark on the table!  The TV board also has character decorations. 

The picture at the bottom is the preserved flower of the pre-ordered anniversary option menu (charged).  Anniversary options seem to be available on the website when booking.  A message card from the characters was also prepared. It is the memento that the only hotel guests can receive.

As for amenities, there are shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, soap, plastic cup, etc. They are OK to bring back home.  In addition, the hotel’s original postcards were prepared and I brought them back as the memento.

The shampoo and the conditioner of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

After all, I thought that Disney’s power was strong.  Mickey and Minnie excite many people, even if they are not Disney fans. The hotel’s decoration is also very elaborate, creating a Disney worldview.  I was, of course, excited, too. Consumers are attracted to services that can only be experienced here and original goods that cannot be obtained.  The prices are not cheap, of course, but especially kids and women will love this hotel, if he or she doesn’t dislike Disney.  As expected, it is Disney.

Dinner at “CANNA”

I took a break in the room and went to Disneyland at night again to enjoy the night parades and shows.

The cute Mickey & Minne

After the show, I had dinner at the reserved “Essence of Stylish Cuisine CANNA” at the Disneyland Hotel. “CANNA” is a stylish creative restaurant with the theme of “Healthy & Beauty”. The restaurant offers dishes that bring out the original taste of the ingredients.

CANNA at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

This time I had the Christmas Fantasy course. It was not a cute dish with a Disney motif, but a full-scale course. I made a reservation for the restaurant separately from the reservation for the hotel.

Cocktail at CANNA

I ordered a cocktail for a drink. The muddler had Mickey! Alcohol is not provided in Disneyland, but you can enjoy alcohol at the hotel.

Here are some dishes that left an impression on me.

appetizer at CANNA
fish dish at CANNA
Fish dish (goldfish)
meat dish at CANNA
Meat dish (venison)
desert at CANNA

There were many stylish and fashionable dishes in the course. Although it was basically Western-style, there were also modern Japanese-style eclectic dishes. There were Japanese-style classic green onions and dashi, and also dishes that use Japanese pepper and a goldfish. In addition to forks and knives, chopsticks were also available. The ingredients were combined to make the best use of each ingredient, and the flavors that match each of the ingredients were very elegant. This was as the restaurant’s concept is. The dishes were not too much, but they had healthy and gentle tastes. I felt it was a restaurant for adults with not having a Disney fantasy atmosphere. It is a restaurant where you can relax and eat delicious food.

Breakfast at “Sherwood Garden”

I had no plans to play at Disney Resorts the next day, so I spent a relaxing time at the hotel.  First of all, I had a buffet breakfast at “Sherwood Garden”.  I booked also this restaurant in advance. I thought that the menu of the breakfast buffet was the same as the assortment of the general hotel buffets.  Children may be happy because there are some Disney motif dishes.

Sherwood Garden at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Walking in the courtyard for the guests only

After breakfast, I went to the souvenir shop in the hotel before check-out and bought a souvenir that is sold in only the Disneyland Hotel.  After that, I was strolling around the plaza and found a door leading to the courtyard.  The guest’s card key was required to open the door.  A garden for hotel guests!  wonderful!   I like to take a walk, so I visited.

The garden for guests of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

It was a large and beautiful garden with a fountain and it was a good size for a short walk.  I thought it was very luxurious that the Disneyland Hotel had such a large garden.  I felt Disney’s commitment to creating a fantasy world view.  There were few people because it was winter, but it should fun to relax on the bench in the warm season. Children can play in the water in summer.

The fountain in the gaden of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Summary of my impression of Tokyo Disney Land Hotel

Overall impressions of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel are bellow.

  • The location is the best, and the guest benefits are nice.
  • The interior, facilities, facilities, and rooms of the hotel are very good because they represent Disney’s fantasy world view.

When playing at Tokyo Disneyland, it is helpful to leave your luggage in the hotel on the way or return to the hotel to rest if you get tired.  I was also happy to have my luggage carry from the station to the hotel, and be able to get a Disney Resort Line ticket. Besides, on the second day,  for example, you can use Happy 15 entries. Some services only available at the official hotel will support you in how to spend and play at Disney.

The hotel interior, facilities, facilities, and rooms are really nice.  You don’t have to be an ardent fan to immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Disney.  It is Tokyo Disneyland Hotel that pays close attention to details such as furniture, amenities, and elevators in the room, and even staying the room overnight excites you.  Even if you return from Tokyo Disneyland to the hotel or go from the hotel to Disneyland, you will feel that Disney’s magic and dreams are continuing.

Restaurant “CANNA” is a nice restaurant for adults, and if you want to enjoy a drink or have a calm meal, I think it matches.  It’s a little different from the fantasy atmosphere of the Disneyland Hotel.  I think the breakfast buffet is good for families.  By the way, there are also many famous restaurants inside Disneyland, but it is difficult to make a reservation.  I recommend that you make a plan in advance.

I wanted to stay at least once, so this experience became a great memory!  Next, I would like to stay at Hotel MiraCosta in Tokyo DisneySea! I hope that the new coronavirus will soon converge and the Disney Resort will resume.


rice (Japanese OL)

Japanese OL. (OL means “office lady”. Women who work in offices.) I was born in a rural part of the Kanto area in the latter half of the 1980s. I  live and work in Tokyo now. I live with my husband. I study English by writing this blog!

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