Unique coffee culture in Japan


Japanese people love coffee! We have unique coffee cultures such as canned coffee or iced coffee. Having many coffee chain shops is also one of the Japanese coffee cultures.

Today I will talk about some of the Japanese unique coffee cultures.

Japan has various types of coffee!

Japanese people sometimes drink various types of coffee such as canned coffee and convenience store coffee outside or at work and home. Canned coffee and convenience store coffee is easy to get.

I drink a cup of coffee almost once a day at a cafe, work, or home.  I change a type of coffee depending on places.

Canned coffee sold at a vending machine

There are many vending machines in Japan… at station and schools, in office buildings, shopping malls, and a residential street, and so on.

Canned coffee means coffee in a can ready to drink. They are sold at a vending machine, a convenience store or a supermarket.

Japanese canned coffee "GEORGIA"

↑This is “GEORGIA” made by The Coca-Cola (JAPAN) Company

I feel male workers often buy canned coffee when they have break time at work. Even if they are working outside, they can buy canned coffee easily.

Japanese vending machine

Iced canned coffee is sold at vending machines, too. And bottled tea and juice are also sold at vending machines.

In my office building, there are vending machines. When I want to drink coffee, I sometimes buy canned coffee at the vending machine.

Convenience store coffee sold at a convenience store

Convenience store coffee is a cup of coffee sold at a checkout counter for 100~200 yen. People who bought coffee receive the cup at the counter and make coffee himself by the coffee maker next to the checkout counter. I feel convenience coffee is tasty in spite of its cheap price. “Seven Cafe” which is sold at “SEVEN-ELEVEN” is the most popular. Convenience store coffee is also popular among women and young people.

seven cafe

Sometimes I drink a cup of convenience store coffee with my daily lunch or during work. Sometimes I am walking with one.

Instant drip coffee made at home

Instant drip coffee is popular in Japan. We set a drip bag containing coffee powder on the cup and pour hot water. We can make a cup of coffee easily. It’s very convenient. It is sold at coffee shops and supermarkets.

inatant drip coffee

When my husband and I want to drink coffee at home, we make coffee in an easy way. Sometimes we use a coffee filter. Sometimes we use the Nespresso(espresso coffee machine by Nestle). Sometimes we drink instant drip coffee.

The features of how to drink coffee in Japan

Japanese people also have features of how to drink coffee. We like iced coffee and black coffee.

Iced coffee

Iced coffee has been drunk for more than 100 years ago in Japan. You can drink a cup of iced coffee in many coffee shops in Japan. Especially we like to drink it in summer! You can also get bottled or packed iced coffee in supermarkets.

two glassees of iced coffee

Black coffee

Somehow many Japanese people like to drink coffee without sugar and milk. They like black coffee. How about drinking a cup of black coffee in Japan?

But, I am not good at drinking black coffee. Why so many people like black coffee?? It is bitter! So I put sugar and milk in a cup of coffee every time. lol

Japanese people love coffee and have a unique coffee culture!

Japanese people love coffee and have a unique coffee culture. Canned coffee, convenience store coffee, instant drip coffee, and iced coffee are said to made in Japan. Would you like to experience a Japanese coffee style in Japan?


rice (Japanese OL)

Japanese OL. (OL means “office lady”. Women who work in offices.) I was born in a rural part of the Kanto area in the latter half of the 1980s. I  live and work in Tokyo now. I live with my husband. I study English by writing this blog!

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