teishoku (Japanese-style meal)

I sometimes see some people who have visited Japan say on Twitter, “while visiting Japan, I lost weight!”

When I go on a trip, I often get weight because of overeating. (Of course, when the water and food don’t agree with me, I lose weight.)

Why did he lose weight in Japan?  I searched for the reason on the Internet.

・Japanese restaurants serve small dishes.

・You walk a lot more than usual as you use public transportation while traveling in Japan.

・Japanese food is not oily and low in calories (Of course some food is high in calories… ex. ramen, curry, fried food).

I think these are all correct!

Today, I will talk about the third point of the above, set meals of Japanese foods, “teishoku(定食)”. I think Japanese style meal is well-balanced and healthy. This style is very common in Japan. Many Japanese restaurants serve this menu. Also, this is a basic home cooking menu. I introduce “teishoku”.

What is teishoku like?

The main dish of teishoku is food including protein (fish, meat, soybean, egg). Side dishes are vegetables and mushrooms. In addition to those, rice and miso soup are served. Soup, rice, one main dish, and two small side dishes are set. Japanese people call this set style “ichijusansai(一汁三菜)”. You can eat well-balanced meals.


↑Saikyo teishoku (the main dish is boiled fish preserved in miso)

↑Shougayaki teishoku(the main dish is pork fried with ginger)

Ootoya is a popular and reasonable chain restaurant!

There are many restaurants where you can eat teishoku in Japan. The chain restaurant I recommend is “Ootoya(大戸屋)”.



You can eat teishoku for about 800~1000 yen there. Inside of the restaurant is clean and a woman can enjoy a meal there, even if she is alone. This restaurant serves “taste of home-style dishes in Japan” deliciously and at a reasonable price. It starts to cook after receiving an order.


↑chicken-kasanni-teishoku(the main dish is stewed dishes of chicken)


↑tori-to-yasai-no-kurozu-an-teishoku (the main dish is chicken and vegetables with the starchy black vinegar sauce)

You can choose normal white rice or five-grain rice(gokokumai, 五穀米). I usually choose gokokumai!

teishoku at home

It is hard to make that at home! I decide on the main dish quickly, but can’t decide side dishes. Even if one side dish is decided,  another side dish is not determined! Thinking about every day’s menu considering balance bothers  Japanese housewives. I often cook not two dishes but only one side dish. Or buy.

Enjoy Japanese food!

If you visit Japan, please eat Japanese style meal. You can have a healthy diet and may lose weight.

I recommend to you this post about Japanese food!


rice (Japanese OL)

Japanese OL. (OL means “office lady”. Women who work in offices.) I was born in a rural part of the Kanto area in the latter half of the 1980s. I  live and work in Tokyo now. I live with my husband. I study English by writing this blog!

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