BAKE(the popular cheese tart)

Today, I talk about the popular cheese tart cake, “BAKE” which I bought last Saturday.

I love sweets! I often eat sweets.

I sometimes buy sweets in popular candy stores or in department stores and eat them at home. “BAKE” is one of the sweets I often buy.

What is “BAKE”?

BAKE is a cheese tart cake from Hokkaido. It’s a tart with a fluffy mousse made from the cream cheese.

website is here

Sweet and sour cream cheese and crispy dough are delicious. It tastes better if you heat it up.

BAKE(cheese talt)
The price is 216 yen per one.

BAKE has come to Tokyo from Hokkaido about 3 years ago. Besides being delicious, BAKE’s shops themselves are fancy. Tarts are baked in the shop, and they are line up shelves of the shop. It smells delicious.

BAKE(cheese talt)

Its packaging is stylish, too.


It became popular soon. At that time, there were few shops around Tokyo, and many people stood in line to buy the tarts. The wait was so long. They were in line for about a half-hour. Of course, me too! lol
Now, the number of stores has increased, and you can buy it outside the area around Tokyo. I sometimes buy it when I go near the shops.
According to the website, BAKE is expanding abroad mainly in Asia.

shops ⇒

It is delicious so please try eating BAKE! How is this tart for a souvenir?


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