“Last Idol“ 〜Japanese idol culture〜

I have recently been interested in one television program. It’s “Last Idol“, which is an idol audition program. The program producer is Yasushi Akimoto, who is famous for making “AKB48” group(Japanese popular idol girl group).

What is “Last Idol”?

In this TV show, the audition has held every week. 7 young Japanese girls are the members of “Last Idol”. They fight challengers with dancing and singing. The challenger chooses one of the members as an opponent. If the challenger wins the member who she chooses, she will be one of the members. The member who lost the game leaves the group. The judges are music or dance professionals. This audition will be continued until mid-December when the group debuts. The members often change. This program may be harsh for the members.

What is so interesting?

Although this program is on TV at midnight(0 o’clock), I tend to watch it.  (Today I was watching on this TV show until a while ago!) The young members and challengers have strong feelings that they want to be an idol. I feel want to cheer up them who fight hard for their dream.
Also, I have become attached to the member who receives the challenge every time. The girl in the center position that had kept on winning lost to the challenger in the third battle. This surprised me very much.

Japanese idol culture

Japan has an idol culture, which enjoys young Japanese girls singing and dancing. Though they are cute, they are not quite good at singing and dancing. However, they aim at the top of many idols and are making daily efforts. Their fans cheer up the girls who are doing their best and watch over them. (Some men may love them really…)

In Japan, the idol boom is coming periodically. I sing their famous songs at karaoke and also have been to their concerts a few times.
I think young Japanese girls have special value in Japan. High school girls are called “JK”, who is made much of. And there are many anime and manga which the main characters are young pretty girls. Non-Japanese may feel this strange, but it is somewhat rooted in Japan.

We also have a male idol culture.  They dance and sing as same as female idols. Johnny’s group is the most popular in Japan. But even if they become old, many of them are popular regardless of their age. That is the difference between female and male idols.

(1/20 postscript)

Choosing members was finished. They debuted last month.

I have bought the CD lol.

Last Idol



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