The new coronavirus infection is expanding in the world. We should stay home and I think now is the time to write my blog! I update my blog after a long time.

Today I introduce STARBUCKS RESERVE ROASTERY TOKYO in Nakameguro. This new Starbucks was opened last February, one year has passed since the opening. However, due to the new coronavirus, the shop is going to be closed until March 29.
I visited STARBUCKS RESERVE ROASTERY TOKYO last June, then I write this post now. So, the information may be a little old.


As of March 2020, STARBUCKS RESERVE ROASTERY has six stores worldwide: Seattle, Shanghai, Milan, New York, Tokyo, and Chicago.
This is the official page ⇒

They are huge stores where coffee beans are roasted, and you can enjoy a different menu from the regular store while watching the roasting. They have various kinds of drinks and foods other than coffee. Every store is a luxury Starbucks with a stylish interior.
The Tokyo store is located along the Meguro River, a 14-minute walk from Ikejiri Ohashi Station or Nakameguro Station. The building designed by Japanese famous architect Kengo Kuma is stylish and quite noticeable.


When it is crowded

If it is crowded on the weekend, you cannot enter the shop soon. You need to get a numbered ticket for entry at the numbered tickets office near the shop. At the ticket office, the display shows the number which is able to enter the shop, so you can wait there. Also, you scan the QR code in the numbered ticket with your smartphone, the number of people waiting for is displayed. As you can check the waiting situation through the smartphone, You need not stay there.
In my case, l was waiting for a half and an hour on a June holiday. I think there’s much less waiting now unless there are special events.

Inside the store

First, I think you had better be careful about securing seats when it is crowded. You can have coffee anywhere from the first floor to the fourth floor, but the seats are quite occupied and I had a hard time finding them. I recommend you buy a drink and food after looking around your seats first. Also, the main bar on the first floor is the most popular, so people often wait for buying. I think you should plan to visit there when you have time to spare.

Entering the store, I was surprised by the big roaster! The store has a high ceiling and the huge roasting machine is located in the center of the space. The staff trained in Seattle are actually roasting coffee beans. STARBUCKS RESERVE ROASTERY is both a roasting factory and a cafe.

the sakura decoration in the roastery

The goods shop is on the right from the entry. There are many goods that you can buy only there. Behind the goods shop, there is a coffee scooping bar where you can purchase freshly roasted beans. Tasting is also available.

And the main bar is in front of the entrance. You can order coffee, cakes, and bread. The menu is the unique one you order only there.
I ordered Melrose Tokyo(iced coffee with a cherry) and a strawberry tart.

Melrose Tokyo is 1100 yen, the strawberry tart is 750 yen.

In the back of the main bar, there is Princi, a bakery from Milan, Italy, which is the first store in Japan, which is famous for Croissants (Cornetti).

On the second floor, there is TEAVANA, where you can enjoy tea. There are various tea and food. And, the wall that the teacups embedded is amazing! According to the official homepage, each cup seems to have been embedded by hand. I have never seen this decoration.

On the third floor, You can drink a unique coffee cocktail in ARRIVIAMO BAR. Is here really Starbucks?!
There is also a terrace on this floor, where you can spend a relaxing coffee time watching the Meguro River.

On the 4th floor, you can see the roasted coffee beans being packed in front of you. And, this floor seems to have a lounge.

The restroom is located on the back stairs. There are many pictures on the walls of the stairs. Coffee plantation and STARBUCKS RESERVE ROASTERIES in the world are drawn in the pictures. You can not see these pictures unless you go to the restroom, but I thought every decoration inside the shop including the backspace were fine and wonderful.

How did I feel

It is a coffee theme park, not a cafe! We rarely have chances to see roasting beans in a huge roastery. It’s fun just to see it, and it’s exciting to see the elaborate decorations in the store.
It’s a bit expensive, but there are drinks and foods only available here, and you can buy freshly coffee beans, so I think it’s a great place for coffee lovers and cafe lovers. And there are many original goods, whether Starbucks fans or not, visiting people surely enjoy shopping.
The staffs were friendly, and mini-events were held near the roastery with customers. When I was drinking coffee in front of the coffee pack line, I was talked to by a staff packing coffee beans. They are like staff in a theme park such as a Tokyo Disney resort!
Because it is expensive, it is difficult to use usually, but I would definitely like to visit again.


rice (Japanese OL)

Japanese OL. (OL means “office lady”. Women who work in offices.) I was born in a rural part of the Kanto area in the latter half of the 1980s. I  live and work in Tokyo now. I live with my husband. I study English by writing this blog!

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