How to cook my ozoni

Hello! I am still in the New Year mood. Today I introduce Japanese New Year’s dish “お雑煮(Ozoni)”

What is Ozoni?

Ozoni is a traditional Japanese soup dish that contains rice cakes and vegetables. The recipes are different depending on the region and the home.
関西(Kansai, the west area)→miso soup
関東(Kanto, the East area)→ soy sauce soup.

My ozoni is very simple. I imitate my mother’s taste (Kanto-style) .

I introduce my ozoni recipe!


餅(Mochi, rice cakes): 4
大根(Daikon, Japanese white radish):1/2
小松菜(Komatsuna, Japanese mastered spinach):1/2〜1 bunch of
Chicken thigh:100〜200g

(others…Carrot and Kamaboko and Mitsuba are often used in Ozoni, too.)

Soy source:1〜2 tbsp
Dashi(Japanese soup stock made from fish or kelp):5g
Salt:2〜3 tsp
Mirin(sweet cooking sake): 4 tsp
※Taste soup and adjust seasonings to an appropriate amount.

【How to cook】

①Slice the daikon and the Komatsuna and the chicken. (Bitesize. I like the daikon sliced thinly in the case of ozoni.)

②Pour water, soup stock, and chicken into a pot and boil them. Skim the scum from the top of the soup.

③When they boil, put all other ingredients in the pot. Add seasoning, adjust the taste. Simmer until the daikon becomes soft.
※Some people toast rice cakes before putting in the pot. Some people put them in the pot before boiling.

This is my ozoni.

Very simple & easy!
If you can get Japanese vegetables, please try it!

By the way, when I cook, I often use the cooking website, “Cookpad”. This time too, when I cooked ozoni, I used it.

This site is released in about 70 countries.
Ex. site in the US

You may be able to find Japanese recipes on this site.


rice (Japanese OL)

Japanese OL. (OL means “office lady”. Women who work in offices.) I was born in a rural part of the Kanto area in the latter half of the 1980s. I  live and work in Tokyo now. I live with my husband. I study English by writing this blog!

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